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BTC Robotics delivers great trading experience due to constant updates of the services and clear fast response to demands of the traders. The company is well-known for its stable and highly receptive platform.

Knowledge or experience does not matter as much while you are trading with BTC Robotics. The brokerage has extremely detailed video tutorials to help you create your best trading strategies and understand the market better.
BTC Robotics uses the latest technological solutions to ensure faster execution without requotes and slippages, with minimal trading costs and better analytics.

BTC robotics Video Tutorials

Where and how does it operate?

BTC Robotics has web and desktop versions. You can choose whatever type suits you better and be sure that you will not experience any limitations or restrictions using any of them.
To start trading effectively all you need is to register with the website, verify your email, and you are ready to go. The account will be opened under your name, later on you will need to provide identification documents including a copy of an identification certificate, passport, a copy of credit card from both its sides, in case the deposit was made by credit card and a valid proof of address. That is part of BTC Robotics security and anti-laundering money program. These types of standards are two-way street: they will guarantee safety of your money too due to advanced security protocols.
BTC Robotics operates all over the world and allows you to trade more than 3,000 assets for your profits. Your trade choices with this brokerage are more than variable: currencies, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.
If you are looking for an easy getting-in to the world of international and cryptocurrency trade the platform might be a perfect solution for you. BTC Robotics has a step-by-step guide for beginners. You can learn as much as you can handle about stocks, market trading, foreign exchange. For your convenience there are introduction to Forex market, trading basics, detailed video tutorials, glossary of Forex terms and Forex heat map.
Each account type includes access to a personal account manager and customer support. The thoughtful personnel will help you with issues you might have and protect you from missing out on market knowledge.
How about bonuses and promotions?
There is a welcome bonus which everyone can claim after registration. Note that only first-time deposits receive a bonus.

Meta Trader 5

Meta Trader 5 is a great tool for you to start making money. It is an industry-leading platform meeting all standards of a new generation trade environment. You can experience a smooth trading path with one-click trades, completely automated software and a wide variety of advanced analytical tools including: up to date charting system, technical indicators, and scaling models.

Meta Trader 5 has been created in a way which helps to avoid requotes and slippages. Minimal trading cost will be a nice addition to the ability to trade from anywhere in the world and to effective automated trading.

Meta Trader 5 Application is easy to use, trading platform offers real flexibility and functionality. User-friendly interface could be effortlessly customized according to your requests. MT 5 App has 4 execution methods: request, market, instant, and exchange.
BTC-Robotics offers web version only for those who prefer to reduce all the worries with downloading extra software to your computer.

BTC-Robotics MT5

What are the account types?

There are 4 types of accounts for you to choose depending on your level and experience with the market. BTC Robotics has expanded diversification which helps you to achieve your goals faster.


Deposit up to €999
Leverage up to 1:100
Standard spread
Personal account manager


Deposit up to €24,999
Leverage up to 1:200
Standard spread
Personal account manager


Deposit up to €99,999
Leverage up to 1:400
Spread 1.9 points
Personal account manager


Deposit above €100,000
Leverage Personal
Spread 1.5 points
Senior account manager

How to deposit and withdraw money?

Controlling your money with BTC Robotics is easy and does not require too much effort or attention from you. All you need to do is to choose amongst a variety of payment options and currencies. You can deposit money with credit/debit cards Visa, MasterCard, swift, bank transfers and with cryptocurrencies. Now for crypto depositing choices are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. There are no fees for depositing money from BTC Robotics’ side. Funds deposit will be processed instantly or in 2-3 days.
Minimal deposit is €250/$250.

The minimum amount of withdrawal is €100/$100. Note that withdrawal request will be proceeded up to 7 business day. It is completely free of charge. To withdraw a more significant amount of money – around 10k might take up to 10 business days.

BTC-Robotics Crypto


Quite a long history of successful trading with BTC Robotics proves that the platform is suitable for trading both for first timers and experienced traders. One-click trading, and optimized strategy tester allows you to choose your trading strategies wiser and get to your best trading abilities much faster.

BTC Robotics offers excellent video tutorials, Glossary of trading terms and if you need even more help, you can always turn to professional advisers. They are ready to walk you through all the market’s roadblocks.

Technological infrastructure, innovative application, ability to trade crypto and different groups of assets make the platform a great solution to move forward with earning real money on the stock market.

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20/07/2021, 15:13:26
I am with this broker for some time, due to few convenient options btc robotics offers. I trade stocks, but chasing more ones which pay solid dividend, rather than just price difference. In this sense, spreads do not play such important role in my earnings strategy. For me it is very convenient that this broker has option of automatic credit of dividends to my account and there is also large number of both EU and US stocks which are available here, in which way I am able to make solid portfolio and write this btc robotics review.
4 5
05/05/2021, 19:58:02
Great opportunity we have in this strange times.
4 5
14/04/2021, 19:55:49
I did a lot of good deeds along with this btc-robotics dudes. Let them prosper and live long.
4 5
10/04/2021, 12:04:46
Hi everyone. My second investment with Btc Robotics motivated me for this review. I experienced on my own pension funds broker is reliable for traders of my age.

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