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Even though BronzeFX is a relative newcomer, it has already established itself as a broker with a strong technological infrastructure in place and a state of the art trading platform as its foundation. BronzeFX offers access to a competitive list of trading assets in more than 190 countries across the globe. Providing its customers with access to global financial, capital, commodity, and forex markets, clients are given everything they may possibly need in order to become successful traders. The broker is owned and operated by TRS Investments Ltd.

Where and how does it operate?

BronzeFX offers free access to the MT5 and MT WebTrader, industry-leading platforms that allow for the flawless buying and selling of a wide array of assets. Users can trade CFDs, indexes, stocks, commodities, and a multitude of other currency pairs without slippages and requotes, granting everyone with the right mindset a chance at establishing a stable source of income. Support is available via email, phone, and live chat, Monday to Friday.

A few calls were made over the period of 2 weeks in order to ascertain the reliability of the broker, as well as the quality of the service and answers that we would receive. We asked various questions regarding BronzeFX’s trading conditions, deposit and withdrawal processes, and overall platform setup. Each call came through within a minute and the supporting representatives demonstrated high professionalism and comprehensively answered all our questions.

BronzeFX offers a wide range of trading support options, some of which includes the following materials containing currency trading theory: free eBooks, forex articles, and video tutorials. On top of all of this, BronzeFX also regularly informs its clients about current market situations and price movements in newsletters, social media posts, and/or updates from personal account managers, which, by the way, you get for free as a client. Lastly, the broker offers free trading signals and access to its automated trading robot.

Newest generation platform
Personal account manager
Free educational materials
Well trained support representatives


What are the account types?

There are three account types at BronzeFX, each with their own privileges as the entry investment price increases. With a minimum investment of $250 required in order to open a basic account, the entry bar is set higher than most would welcome.


Minimum investment: 250
Leverage: 1:100
Account Currency: EUR/USD
Maximum orders: 20
Islamic account: Yes


Minimum investment: 5000
Leverage: 1:200
Account Currency: EUR/USD
Maximum orders: 50
Islamic account: Yes


Minimum investment: 25000
Leverage: Specified with the account manager
Account Currency: EUR/USD/GBP
Maximum orders: 100
Islamic account: Yes

Good account variety
Competitive leverage
High minimum deposit

Are there any bonuses or promotions?

All BronzeFX bonuses and promotions are seasonal, which means you get notified about them via email of you are already a client. As of today there are no ongoing bonuses or promotions for new clients.


How do I deposit and withdraw?

BronzeFX does not charge any additional fees for making deposits. Once the user’s account has been verified and authorized for trading, the funds will be reflected in the account. You can request a withdrawal during regular office hours. The following payment options are available for deposits and withdrawals:

  • • Local bank transfers
  • • Debit and/or credit cards
  • • Cryptocurrencies

All payments will be processed within 2-3 days at maximum, after which the payment will be made via the original payment method. Withdrawal of funds will only be available to traders that have uploaded identity supporting documents and had their trading accounts validated.


Though it doesn’t seem to be on par with some of the bigger brokers out there in terms of visual appeal and popularity, all core and fundamental aspects of a successful broker can be found here.

The support department does its job well, will personal account managers always available and capable of answering questions comprehensively.

The MT5 trading platform is as good as it gets, with minimal issues surfacing over an extended period of use.

All clients have the luxury of using the freely provided educational materials for improving their trading game and increasing profits.

Overall, BronzeFX handles all the essential and fundamental aspects of forex trading in the right way.

The choice of a simpler approach to everything rather than making things unnecessarily complex is what makes BronzeFX a solid broker.


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14/02/2019, 14:32:50
I don't have the time nor wish to do all the trading myself, which is why I use automated trading advisers of Bronze FX to do all the work for me. I was very skeptical until a few weeks ago when profitability went up to around 10-20% daily. This went on for a while until I experienced a pretty big drawdown and was left with a deposit that was still $130 more than what I deposited. I will withdraw what I earned, treat myself to something, and continue with this trend. I'm quite optimistic now about these robots. Surprised more people are not doing this.
4 5
10/02/2019, 17:19:46
High customizability of BronzeFX is very important for me. Thankfully, mt5 has no problems with that. Trading conditions are above average maybe, I only have experience with 2 other brokers so far. Didn't use the web trader, and don't plan on doing that. My advice to everyone: get your internet via Ethernet when trading. I experience delays in actions sometimes over Wi-Fi, which is bad. None of those issues arise with Ethernet.
4 5
10/02/2019, 14:09:39
Other than not having a demo account, there is not much to complain about here. Trading conditions aren't phenomenal of course, but they are more than ok to start making a stable profit. One of the best things here is having your own personal account manager. I pretty much answer all my questions with his help, and get some legit advice as well. I'm really thinking about moving up towards an advanced account instead of withdrawing all my earnings from Bronze Fx broker all the time.
4 5
07/02/2019, 22:15:41
I decided to start utilizing all the money I saved and used some of it to open an account with BronzeFX broker. Glad to say things have been going smooth so far. On the initial $250 deposit I already made around $170 in a relatively short span of time, which was surprising since 6 months ago I didn't even know what forex really was. Leverage is awesome, spreads are average for brokers, MT5 works great.
4 5
05/02/2019, 20:48:07
Bronze FX is my second broker, so I can't really compare it to the average broker, but so far it has been good to me. Unfortunately, I didn't look into risk management before burning through my first deposit, but since my second one, I've been making a relatively steady income for the past few weeks. MT5 seems to be better in every way compared to MT4, but I’m still learning about the hundreds of different tools and options there are. All in all, everything is good.
4 5
04/02/2019, 13:30:08
My experience with summed up: 1. Great personal account manager that constantly helps and advises me. 2. Easy registration and account creation process 3. Solid trading platform performance 4. Occasional slippages, delays with web trader 5. Simple and appealing website, easy to navigate 6. Doubled my deposit in only 3 weeks $$$
4 5
03/02/2019, 11:11:55
Everything was ok until I started using the web trader during my vacation. I initially planned on taking a break with forex, but I failed in that regard, and decided to try trading via the web trader. Can't pinpoint what exactly went wrong, but my 3-month progress with my account almost all went down the drain. There was some noticeable lag on my phone when opening and closing transactions, which led to some unwanted losses. Lesson learned, no more trading on the phone and web trader.
4 5
02/02/2019, 15:18:48
Good spreads, good leverage, minimal slippages. Only made one withdrawal so far, had no issues with that, so good to know. I was a bit hesitant at first when choosing a BronzeFX broker, but things paid off quite well. Making a steady $40-50 every week scalping.

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