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BoltFX is a veteran in the currency exchange industry, and has solidified its place as a contender among the very best brokers in the business.

All clients can count on getting access to one of the industry’s leading trading platforms, in addition to a personal account manager that can answer any questions that arise and help resolve any issues.

Moreover, the broker supports the integration of automated trading robots, which allows anyone to automate the process of trading and make money on the side without having to commit your precious time to the task.

BoltFX makes it their mission to deliver only the highest quality of service, making an emphasis on the continuous improvement of technology, mutual respect, honesty, and cooperation.

BoltFX offers an experience that matches ones provided by the best brokers out there.

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Where and how does it operate?

BoltFX offers its services to clients from all corners of the world. The team behind the company manages to provide a trading experience that is satisfactory, profitable, and easy to learn. Of course, forex is not something you can master in a few weeks, but the educational materials that the broker provides certainly helps new players to transition into the roles of professional traders. The workhorse doing all the heavy lifting is the heavily modernized MT5 platform, which happens to be one of the best platforms in the industry, if not the best. With it, you can count on:

MT5 Application
• A wide array of great analytical tools
• Built-in advanced report generators
• Trading activity analyzers
• Quick and easy trades with single clicks
• Highly customizable and intuitive user interfaces
• Optimized trading strategy testers
• Support for the implementation of automated trading software

MT5 Web Platform
• Support for all trading instruments
• Lightning fast single-click operations
• Convenient and easy trading anywhere and on any device
• Huge variety of analytical tools
• Easy and intuitive interface

Easy and convenient platform to master
Flexible and highly customizable to your liking
Automated trading is supported
Industry leading platform
A plethora of advanced tools and instruments

What are the account types?

BoltFX offers its clients a simple approach to account selection, which we think is a big plus. A lot of the time new clients are perplexed by the availability of a multitude of different account types, each with their own conditions. BoltFX significantly simplifies the process, offering the choice between three account types: Basic, Advanced, and Premium. Each account type is intended for different budgets, but they all essentially share the same characteristics and services that are included. Here are more details:

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Minimum investment: 250
Leverage: 1:100
Account Currency: EUR/USD
Maximum orders: 20
Islamic account: Yes

Minimum investment: 5000
Leverage: 1:200
Account Currency: EUR/USD
Maximum orders: 50
Islamic account: Yes

Minimum investment: 25000
Leverage: Specified with the account manager
Account Currency: EUR/USD/GBP
Maximum orders: 100
Islamic account: Yes

A simple choice of accounts
Asset classes are not limited
Satisfactory trading conditions across the board
Free assistance from personal account managers

Are there any bonuses or promotions?

There are currently no active bonuses or promotions being held. The ones that are available are usually seasonal, which you can find out about via promotional emails as a client.

How do I deposit and withdraw?

After going through the quick and easy registration process, you will be free to log into your account via the Members Area and proceed to making your first deposit from there. Once logged in, all options for deposits and withdrawals will be presented in front of you. The same method you use for your deposit will automatically be used for withdrawals. BoltFX offers you the chance to use e-wallets, bank wires, credit card transfers, and even cryptocurrencies. With credit and debit cards, the processing time for operations is practically instant, while bank transfers take around 2-3 business days.

Simple and fast registration
Quick request processing time
Multiple convenient methods for withdrawals and deposits


With the highly-advanced MT5 platform at the center of all things, BoltFX offers its clients a trading experience that rivals the very best in the industry. The account choice simplifies the process for new clients and allows them to get started right away once the first deposit is through. The trading conditions should satisfy all users across all account types, and with the help of their own personal account manager, they can count on all of their issues and nuances to be solved. Additionally, the extensive list of free educational materials, from e-books to video tutorials, will undoubtedly help anyone get that much better at the art of the trade and establish a stable income one can rely on. Moreover, if you lack the time or the skill, you can simply automate the process with the platforms support for automated trading. In conclusion, BoltFX, and the services that it offers, rival to those that are already established as veterans of the trade industry. With its decade long run in the industry, BoltFX certainly has all the qualities to match the best in the business. Hence, you will not be disappointed with your choice.

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Extensive educational materials and FAQ section
Support for automated trading
An intuitive and highly-customizable user interface
Good and simple account variety
Great support and personal account managers
Industry-leading MT5 trading platform
Huge variety of trading instruments and analytical tools

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4 5
19/08/2019, 10:33:36
Very good online platform with excellent service and high technological tools. I’d recommend anyone to try and after that it will be difficult to stop. The interface is really simple, the design is well done.

Bolt fx review: I believe if I have shown the platform to my grandma she’d made sense out of it in hours even though she has no trading background. Plus, you can customize your account which is very cool in our time of high-demand rationalization.

Many people say BoltFX has wonderful customer support, I fully agree. I’m pretty sceptical so in the beginning I was acting carefully, made the smallest deposits, checked all the reviews, hundred times called and write to support. They are the most quick support team I’ve ever been supported by. That is why, BoltFX passed my strict control by all its parameters. I've always been impressed with their ability to adapt to changing market and the selection of products. I’m sure that with BoltFX my money is safe, my data is protected. What I can single out here among other platforms I am not pushed into any investment, so I can trade in my own time, at my own convenience. In addition, there is an endless amount of educational materials. As for me, I prefer video tutorials and I love to communicate with trading experts. On BoltFX you can ask them for advice! If you have enough time, persistence and desire you can easily boost your trader’s level from newbie to expert. I have no reason to leave Bolt FX for a long time.
4 5
15/08/2019, 19:14:25
BoltFX offers good spreads, large choice of offers, acceptable margins, low commissions, top analytical tools, a trading interface is quite slick. Very cheap in comparison to other brokers. What really important for me is that withdrawals are processed very quickly, plus, platform offers simple withdrawals. So, I am sure I'd get my money, my data would be always safe and if anything I can reach the support staff easily. Although, there was no need so far. If to talk more about platform's features I'd name several the most important for me.
4 5
11/08/2019, 21:15:35
Useful charts to manipulate: I have my special love to analytic tools. And BoltFX makes analytics in a very proper way. I can see all the ups and downs among companies and react immediately. Autotrading: If you're like me often limited in trading by your office job you can automate trading process on Bolt FX. Sometimes I use it to simplify the process and fully satisfied with it. Educational stuff: While articles on the websites of most companies are usually irritating, from BoltFX I’ve drawn many valuable insights. Plus, educational materials are very helpful for anyone who wants to improve their trading skills. Network is stable and reliable: which is probably the most needed feature for all brokers, especially for beginners. I had no issues with BoltFX from the first day and this important advantage makes me settling up on the platform, don't want to change it any time soon. To sum it all up, if you look for reliable, technological platform with helpful staff you'd probably be satisfied with BoltFX. It will be the same interesting for beginners and experts.
4 5
10/08/2019, 10:27:31
Been with Bolt FX for a couple of years and I am satisfied with it 100%. I used plenty platforms before and did my best to make a right choice. I mean I've read thousands of articles, watched hundreds of videos and made my own comparisons. In result, I chose bolt and I'd like to highlight the parameters I fell in love with on this platform, such as good risk protection for traders, no hidden costs, all needed tools for charting, small deposits, fast deal response, non-limited access classes, superb speed of withdrawals. What’s more, there is no need for a multitude of documents to apply, you have simple choice of accounts & really helpful support, including personal manager assistance. Plus, you can raise your level with al-time-update educational content. Here you can learn how to trade from scratch and use the platform with ease. I can continue this list more and more, but I just name all the features each user really needs and looks for. BoltFX is both appealing for beginners and experienced traders, both for small and big deposits. Don't be afraid to make big deposits cause you easy can multiply money or if anything to connect the support team (which once again is very quick, friendly, helpful). Once you get enough experience you can automate the trading and just get your passive income with making no efforts. I’ve never thought I’d tell it, but here is an easy way to make extra money in addition to your job and with the time you can get even more than your salary. My review — bolt fx is broker! I would recommend above all else.
4 5
01/08/2019, 10:21:01
I started trading on BoltFX after my friend's advice. Well, not advice exactly but my simple jealousy when he started to make really good money on it. From the first attempt I like it, thanks to user-friendly interface, affordable deposits and withdrawals. I am still not sure it's not a dream, but everything works proper and clear so far. The platform is customizable, has good balance of available markets, information provided properly. My friend was fully satisfied with support, says it's very helpful team. Although, I haven't had many questions yet, just some at the beginning. Broker provides each user with personal manager and they are available independently of deposit you make ー £250 or £25 000. On other platforms it's privilege just for rich and experienced traders. What I really like is that I can withdraw my money by different methods. I chose credit card and I can get my money on it shortly after. Other trading platforms which I tried had problems with it on some reason. As I conclusion, I'd say BoltFX highly recommended to traders.
4 5
03/05/2019, 06:58:09
Hi does the automated system do everything for you?
4 5
01/05/2019, 06:29:21
BoltFX is a solid broker that is good all-round. I find these types of brokers to work best for me. Not excelling in a few areas and lacking in others, but delivering quality service across the board, where my success is entirely up to me and not based on whether the broker will be scamming me or hindering my profits. The only thing that lacks is a demo account, but I don’t really need one anymore either way.
4 5
29/04/2019, 18:17:05
I found forex to be a little too complicated for me to trade manually, but I was still looking for a secondary source of income, so I decided to go ahead and try BoltFX automated trading. So far, the results have been more than satisfactory. In 4 months of trading so far I made 115% profits off of my original investment. Only withdrew once to check if I shouldn’t worry about being scammed and everything went well. Overall, I am more than satisfied with this broker and I can recommend it.
4 5
28/04/2019, 23:38:38 is my first broker, so I cannot really compare it to others, but it seems to get the job done. The platform looks good and works smoothly. Again, I can't compare it, but it seems like MT5 is the way to go these days. One of the best things here is having your own personal account manager. He helped me a lot in setting up my account and figuring out how bolt fx work. Had a small delay when I was waiting for my withdrawal via bank wire, had issues with my cards, but things turned out to be ok in the end.
4 5
28/04/2019, 10:23:37
Everything about this broker is average. The spreads, leverage, execution speeds. A personal account manager is certainly nice, but you still have to do all the heavy lifting yourself. Sometimes I can’t even reach her. The platform is good though, lots of space for customization and login on is also easy.
4 5
26/04/2019, 08:33:44
I don’t stay with a broker unless I feel like it’s ideal for me, so I was surprised I ended up choosing BoltFX among the multitude of brokers I have tested over the years. It has been almost 7 months since I signed up there, and 5 of those 7 have been profitable for me. Once I switched to the Advanced account, it all changed from there. I don't want to go into too many financial details, but with’s spreads and 1:200 leverage, I predict that my account will be reaching the 5 digit mark in around 2-3 months. I can definitely recommend this one.
4 5
25/04/2019, 10:29:59
Hi bolt-fx, interested on start trading, but no experience at all, wondering if your brokers can trade our funds, as automatic robots do the work I guess. How does it work? Do I have to do it myself? Like to start with 1000£
4 5
10/04/2019, 07:43:52
I followed by cousins footsteps and opened a basic account on Bolt-FX first to learn. I decided to stick to automated trading, as I have no time to learn, and it seems complex to me. After 2 months of relative success, with 167% profit, I decided to risk my savings and open an advanced account with the same automated robot trader. I'm only a week in but things seem ok. About 2 failed trades for every 5 successful, so profits are good in the long run. I can recommend this broker. Will start saving for a new gaming PC.
4 5
05/04/2019, 15:43:21
Scalping has been great so far with Bolt FX. I bought my wife expensive jewelry exclusively with my forex profits, so she no longer complains when I spend hours in front of the computer staring at charts. Great customizability, good execution speeds most of the time. Suggest you stick to the application variant, and have fast internet. Every millisecond counts, especially when opening and closing trades. Overall I’m satisfied with my choice.
4 5
04/04/2019, 11:48:52
The platform is very convenient, and I love the extent to which I can customize it. My previous broker didn’t offer these kinds of levels of flexibility. In general, things are the way they are meant to be. Since I started with BoltFX a few months ago, it has been pretty much smooth sailing, except for a few days here and there. I will be fully sponsoring my next vacation with the money I made here.
4 5
02/04/2019, 22:59:09
I have yet to find the ideal broker, and it seems like it doesn’t exist at all. This is my 4th broker in 2 years, and I am rather disappointed once again. Maybe my standards are too high, but I think I can expect that when I commit thousands of dollars from my personal income. My account manager is useless, as I know more than he ever will. The platform is ok, nothing special. I guess I’ll wait till my account burns out and will switch to someone else, unless a miracle happens.
4 5
01/04/2019, 07:28:15
In my 3 month experience with broker BoltFX so far I had only minor problems, which included trouble reaching my account manager for the most part. Other than that, I am completely satisfied with the results. I’ve made 180% profits so far and I only spend about 2-3 hours a week max. Scalping is the way to go guys. Also, great platform by the way.
4 5
29/03/2019, 21:46:29
First deposit went down the drain. Now, on my second one, things seem to be somewhere between bad and ok. Sometimes have trouble logging in from my phone, and there are also instances when I click on the button to open and close a trade with Bolt FX, and there is a delay of a few milliseconds, which can hurt my profits substantially.
4 5
28/03/2019, 18:10:40
The order executions speeds are very good, I only encountered problems with the mobile version of broker bolt-fx when I was on my iPad. Spreads are average for a broker, so is the support department. Having a personal account manager is certainly nice, but it can be hard to reach him sometimes. I've made two withdrawals so far, both went through as I expected, and they did so surprisingly quickly. All in all, I can't complain that much.
4 5
26/03/2019, 12:35:43 is my second broker. Compared to the last one, the biggest change I see is the infinitely better trading platform. I love that I can customize it. It greatly improved my performance. Didn’t bother checking out the educational material but it looks decent. Also big thanks to my account manager, it’s a pleasure working with her.

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