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FXM Capital has been operating since 2010 and is now becoming a favorite among many new and experienced traders alike. Combining some of the latest cutting-edge technology to date and a team of professionals dedicated to delivering the best trading experience, FXM Capital is a broker you should be looking out for, as the company may just be the next big player on the market. Integration of new advancements in automated trading makes FXM Capital stand out among its competitors. Clients will be able to rely on the assistance of a special trading AI in order to maximize the effectiveness of all trade operations. The company’s values, which include mutual respect, privacy and security, honesty, and continuously improved technology and research, are indicators that one of the best trading experiences available these days is with FXM Capital.

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Where and how does it operate?

Restricted only to citizens and residents of Germany, Japan, USA, and Canada, FXM Capital offers its services to clients from all over the world. The company set a goal to make trading accessible and easy to comprehend no matter where you live, what your income level is, or how much experience and knowledge you have in the field. FXM Capital is one of the few companies offering you the choice of working with the new and improved MT5 platform, which is available both as an application and a web platform. Therefore, what you get with the new MT5 platform is:

MT5 Application

  • • Fast and easy single-click trades
  • • Automated trading software and support
  • • Intuitive user interface that can be customized
  • • Great choice of analytical tools
  • • Advanced reports built-in
  • • Analysis of trading activity
  • • Optimized trading strategy tester

MT5 Web Platform

  • • Huge choice of analytical tools
  • • Easy and convenient trades on any device, anywhere
  • • Intuitive and user-friendly user interface
  • • Instant single-click operations
  • • Support from FXM Capital for all trading instruments

New generation trading platform
Flexibility in customization and use
Support for automated trading
Advanced analytical tools
Convenient platforms that are easy to use

What are the account types?

FXM Capital, unlike many other brokers, has a more thought through account system in place. The difference between the account types is a lot more significant and practical, meaning traders will have access to the best trading conditions and tools for the specific budget they are willing to commit. With Advanced and Premium accounts, clients get all the tools and help necessary to get trade advantages everyone else is after. There are 3 different account types at FXM Capital. They are the following:


  • Minimum investment: 250
  • Leverage: 1:100
  • Account Currency: EUR/USD
  • Maximum orders: 20
  • Islamic account: Yes


  • Minimum investment: 5000
  • Leverage: 1:200
  • Account Currency: EUR/USD
  • Maximum orders: 50
  • Islamic account: Yes


  • Minimum investment: 25000
  • Leverage: Specified with the account manager
  • Account Currency: EUR/USD/GBP
  • Maximum orders: 100
  • Islamic account: Yes

Diverse accounts

  • No limitations on asset classes
  • Assistance from certified professionals
  • Good trading conditions

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Are there any bonuses or promotions?

There are currently no active bonuses or promotions being held. The ones that are available are usually seasonal, which you can find out about via promotional emails as a client.

How do I deposit and withdraw?

Obviously, before making any kind of deposit or trade deal you have to register with FXM Capital, which is as easy as it can get. The process is easy and quick in comparison to some of the competitors, some of which require up to 2 pages of personal information to be filled out. After providing the required documentation, you will be able to log in into the Members Area, where options for depositing and withdrawing funds are presented right in front of you. The same method you use for your deposit can be used for withdrawals. With FXM Capital, you have a wide variety of options such as bank wires and transfers, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrencies in some cases. With credit and debit cards, the processing time for operations is practically instant, while bank transfers take around 2-3 business days.

Multiple deposit and withdrawal methods

Quick operation processing time

No restrictions on withdrawals

Easy and quick registration

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Bringing one of industries’ finest trading platforms to the world of forex trading, FXM Capital gives its clients an opportunity to score big. With the different account types available, traders have the option of entering the trade game at three different levels, based on their level of financial commitment. Basic accounts are perfect for those just developing an interest in forex and wanting to establish a second source of income. Premium account users, on the other hand, have the opportunity to make big money right off the bat and live the luxurious lifestyle they want. Any question you have will most likely be answered in the FAQ section, and if not, you can always request help from the customer support team which is quick to answer most of the time. The extensive educational materials provided will do wonders for boosting your trading knowledge, while the highly advanced MT5 platform will give you all the tools and advantages you need to successfully trade and make some legitimate profit.

  • Extensive FAQ section
  • MT5 trading platform
  • Great analytical tools
  • Automated trading
  • Account type variety
  • In-depth educational materials
  • Intuitive and customizable user interface.

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5 5
09/12/2019, 11:53:39
fxm capital trading is more than an ordinary Forex broker. my favorite account manager is Steve. it is a pleasure to work with this one.
5 5
31/07/2019, 17:11:20
About fxm broker: Advertising and raising awareness is good but much more needs to be done from the customers side.
5 5
19/06/2019, 23:42:35
fxmcapital.com review: The software seemed to be really professional and authentic. I found many favorable reviews about its performance and delivered results. So, I decided to invest in it and try to achieve success in the online trading sphere. Soon I invested over $140,000 and I really can’t tell how happy I am...
5 5
22/05/2019, 13:34:34
I never intended to actually learn about forex and trading, but I had money to spare, and a secondary income source is always welcome, so I listened to my friend's recommendation and went ahead and opened an account and installed an automated trader, just like I was told. I was skeptical after the first week when I was beginning to go negative, but luckily, things turned around and for 4 months now I have been net positive and making around 15-20% from my deposit monthly. The best thing is that I spend no more than 3-4 hours a week on this whole thing. To sum up my experience, I can only say that it has been great so far.
5 5
22/05/2019, 09:25:03
There is a lot one must consider when choosing a broker. I have 3 separate accounts open with 3 different traders, and while I don’t have a specific rating for them, it is safe to say that fxmcapital.com has so far proven itself to be a contender for the top place. The platform is amazing and runs very smoothly. Being able to create multiple watchlists and track different currency groups is very useful in my case. Spreads here are ok, never higher than necessary. There is an educational section on the site, but I only glimpsed at it for a few mins. I am sure there is some useful information there. As an advanced account user, the leverage helps me broker some insane deals. In conclusion, this is a safe choice, and you will not go wrong with it.
5 5
19/05/2019, 17:11:46
FXM Capital review — other than the occasional delays with order executions, more noticeable on the web version, everything is great. I focus on scalping and intraday trading most of the time. The platform is the best there is, nothing to complain about. My personal account manager is also pleasant and always has a tip worth listening to when we talk. I will not dive into the specific details of my earnings, but it is worth mentioning that will soon be leaving my dead-end job and transitioning towards becoming a full-time trader on fxmcapital.com.
5 5
18/05/2019, 13:30:51
FXMCapital is my first broker, and so far things have been going smooth. I don’t have the mindset or skills to trade on my own, as I am rather bad with numbers and economics, so I went the path of automated trading. I was very skeptical at first, but now, after 3 months of active trading, it is safe to say that this is all legitimate. So far I get an average of 2,5 successful traders for every bad one, so to my own surprise, the profits are coming in. I tried withdrawing only once, just to make sure, and everything went as expected. Overall, I am pleased with my experience so far. fxm capital review is solid 5/5 for me.
5 5
15/05/2019, 22:28:28
My 6-month experience with FXM Capital so far has been 95% positive. The biggest surprise was that I got a free personal account manager that helped me get accustomed to everything. FXM Review: the platform is the industry standard, one of the best, withdrawals always come through, and the spreads are as average as they get, more than enough to make some serious money. I will be moving on to an advanced account in a few week's time I hope, so the inflow of cash should increase significantly in the near future.
5 5
15/05/2019, 12:19:48
Sometimes I see reviews about "fxmcapital scam" or not a scam. After being a year with this Forex trader I am satisfied with my profits and withdrawals. So fxm is definitely not a scam.
5 5
20/09/2018, 17:25:05
The MT5 platform is a breath of fresh air for me, especially with the high levels of customization involved. A pet peeve of mine is static platforms that have zero customizability, so this is a big plus. Another thing I've really been enjoying is the automated trader. I'm only 2 weeks into using, but so far, the results have been mostly positive.
5 5
04/09/2018, 18:17:17
Really enjoy the new platform and the range of tools and capabilities that I have with it. Most of my work is done travelling, which is why I’m a big web platform user. Glad to say FXM has their stuff down. The web platform is as good as it gets. I get to make a secondary income while on my primary job without breaking much of a sweat, so thank you!
5 5
08/07/2018, 14:56:26
One of the first things I test with a broker is how they handle withdrawal procedures. Glad to say I experienced one of the faster withdrawal procedures with FXM Capital. Registering was surprisingly easy and quick as well in comparison to some of the other brokers I had in mind. There are plenty of supported withdrawal methods, the accounts are diverse, trading conditions good. You will not go wrong here.
5 5
11/04/2018, 07:58:38
After fooling around with the basic account, I decided it was time to join the big league and get myself an advanced account. The change in income was quite substantial, but so were some of the losses, but that is expected. So far it has been worth it, but only time will tell.
5 5
01/03/2018, 12:15:30
Good broker, good spreads. Been trading for 2 months so far and don’t plan on stopping. Have not experienced any deal-breaking issues.
5 5
11/02/2018, 06:35:26
I've tried 4 brokers over the past 2 years, and this one is by far my favorite so far. Even though I consider myself a veteran already, it was my first experience with the MT5 platform, and it was refreshing and pleasant. The high customizability was a huge factor for me. So far all good for me.

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