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Cyprus, CySEC

Site: easymarkets.com

Initially established “easy-forex” in 2001, easyMarkets has become one of the biggest players on the forex market. Since the company is committed to providing their customers with transparency in their operations, they are voluntarily submitted to be regulated by various leading regulatory agencies across the globe.

Who is easyMarkets regulated by?

easyMarkets is regulated and licensed by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) and is under CIF license #079/07. It is also licensed by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) under number 246566. Compliance with two major regulatory agencies means easyMarkets is a reliable broker.

  • Regulated by: CySEC
  • Headquarters: Warsaw, Shanghai, Sydney
  • Foundation: 2001

EasyMarkets Review Trading Platforms

Where and how does it operate?

With easyMarkets, you have multiple options when it comes to choosing a platform to trade on. No matter which one you choose to go with, the trading conditions will be satisfactory either way.

easyMarkets Web Platform

With accessibility being such an important factor in the world of trading, the easyMarkets web platform is the tool for you. Packed with useful features, the web platform allows you to:

  • • Gain access to over 200 different instrument and analytical tools
  • • Trade anywhere you are as long as you have access to the internet on your device
  • • Navigate via a simple, intuitive design with zero slippage.

easyMarkets MT4

One of the most popular choices among traders, the MT4 trading platform comes with great trading conditions that many users grow to appreciate.

  • • For more experienced clients, a high degree of customization is available
  • • Negative balance protection
  • • Trading news and analysis

easyMarkets App

With instant access to the market via the trading app, you will never miss an important trade. Intuitive in design and relatively user-friendly, the app will provide you will all the info you need to conduct trading operations.

  • • Available both for iOS and Android devices
  • • User-friendly and intuitive design
  • • Integrated tools for analytics
  • • All the features of the easyMarkets web platform

Outdated platform, but feature rich

Decent trading conditions

What are the account types?

One of the few drawbacks of easyMarkets is that there is essentially only trading account available, with the second version being an upgraded one, which takes away from some of the options available with other brokers. These are the standard trading account, and the VIP trading account. A trial demo account is also available, but for a rather limited time of 8 days.

With a Standard account you get:

  • • Required minimum deposit of $100
  • • A tour of the trading platform
  • • Access to technical reports and feedback
  • • A bonus of 50% on the initial deposit
  • • Competitive spreads
  • • A personal account manager
  • • An introductory briefing on how to utilize the trading tools you will be provided with
  • • Free basic training course

With a VIP account:

  • • Required minimum deposit of $10,000
  • • Custom-tailored bonus
  • • SMS alerts for important events
  • • A personal analyst and assistant
  • • Live 24/7 support
  • • Express Withdrawals
  • • All the benefits of a standard account
  • • Ultra-tight spreads
  • • Greater leverage

Are there any bonuses or promotions?

When it comes to bonuses and promotions, there are only two things that are worth mentioning. The first is the 50% bonus on the initial deposit. Keep in mind, however, that this bonus as capped and limited to $2000, meaning no additional money will be gifted as a bonus after the $4000 point. Additionally, there is a promotional program that goes by the name “Share and earn”. With each successful referral and introduction that you make, you will be paid a promotional fee. An important point worth mentioning is that the bonuses provided by easyMarkets are strictly for trading purposes, meaning clients will not be able to withdraw them, and the bonus will be deducted from their free balance.

easyMarkets Bonuses

How do I deposit and withdraw?

easyMarkets doesn’t charge any fees when you fund or withdraw from your account. There multiple ways to deposit and withdraw funds, including:

  • • Bank transfers (Couple hours – 5 days)
  • • Credit, debit, online cards (Instant)
  • • A selection of e-Wallets (Up to one working day)


easyMarkets is legitimate enough to fool around with and learn some of the trading basics, but not nearly as sustainable in the long term as some of its competition, especially considering some of the alternative trading conditions being offered out there. easyMarkets tries to make up for its weak platform with its strict regulations and transparency, but that doesn’t really help you accomplish anything either way. There are a lot of instances when the support department is slow to reply when it is most critical, like withdrawal processes.

Outdated platform
Bonus and referral programs
Good account variety

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4 5
28/10/2018, 14:48:53
Trading here has earned me over $600 in the last 2 months. Great secondary income if you know what you are doing. If you don’t, start with a demo account, but you have only a week to learn with it. Don’t lose time.
4 5
14/10/2018, 12:12:55
I got was I was looking for with easyMarkets. Learned to trade with a demo account and then tried a $200 deposit. So far I earned more than I lost, but only by a small amount. Didn't try withdrawing yet, not enough profit.
4 5
15/09/2018, 19:51:53
The staff on the telephone support line cannot answer anything without evading the question. Even though I stopped trading a few days ago, some operations were still carried out without my presence. And guess what, they were losses. Now when I try to inquire about anything, all I get is "I’m not sure what happened". Unprofessional. Won't see me again.
4 5
21/08/2018, 17:02:13
All was going pretty well until I left for vacation with my family and started to trade with on the web platform. Maybe I was unlucky, but I lost nearly all the profit I made since I started 4 months ago. Lost motivation to continue.
4 5
13/08/2018, 20:15:03
Good spreads, good interface, ok platform, seen better. I lose as much as I gain, but it’s fun.
4 5
24/06/2018, 06:48:56
I enjoy working with this broker. I don’t understand why everyone has problems, I don’t seem to encounter any so far in 3 weeks of trading. Just start small, baby steps. Learn something new every day and you will become good in no time.
4 5
20/06/2018, 17:11:53
The worst broker I worked with. Lost my $500 deposit in 2 days because I followed the recommendations from my personal manager. You can say goodbye to any more of my money.
4 5
12/03/2018, 15:40:55
Completely messed up my first account and first $300 deposit, but learned a lot of important points. Now I am trying to earn that money back as a mission. $160 to go. Good broker for beginners, but make sure to study the subject of forex first, so you don’t repeat my mistake.
4 5
05/02/2018, 16:14:21
I was convinced by the sales manager that I would make some serious money on a few deals, but so far I have experienced mostly losses. Do this at your own risk, especially if this is your first time. Maybe I should have taken this more seriously, then I would start making a profit.
4 5
08/01/2018, 11:50:09
Enjoyed the bonus I got with my first deposit. With the help of my personal manager I now earn a steady income and withdraw once a month. If you have a few hundred dollars you aren’t afraid of losing, I suggest giving it a shot. You never know. The free training courses are great by the way.

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