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CityFX Broker is a world-class broker in the foreign currency exchange market with a massive presence and is positioned to take the lead among the most reliable brokers in the market.

A personal account manager is always available to clarify any issues you might experience trading with the platform offered by City FX Broker.

You can automate your trading activities and make some passive income on the side without actually doing it yourself because City FX brokers support the integration of trading robots.

City FX Brobker’s emphasis is on the constant advancement of their service offering, technology, shared respect, responsibility, and cooperation. They do this in an effort the highest quality of product and services. It is their mission to ensure you get the best trading experience in the trading market.

How does it Work?

Clients all over the world can receive the services offered by City FX Brokers. The quality of trading experience City FX Broker offer is satisfying, productive, and unmatched.

They provide training and educational materials that help beginners to get started. City FX Broker understands that trading is not an easy task, especially for newbies, that’s why they make it very easy for them to become part of the community.

Their robust MT5 platform does all the heavy lifting. So you don’t have to stress over that. In my opinion, their MT5 is one of the best applications in the industry.

Here are some of the exciting features of the MT5 Application:

  • A comprehensive collection of excellent analytical tools
  • Built-in high-level report generators
  • Exchange activity analyzers
  • Fast and straightforward trades with single clicks
  • Very customizable, responsive and intuitive User Interfaces
  • Optimized trading strategy validators
  • Support for the implementation of automated trading software

These are the features you get from MT5 Web Platform

  • Support for all trading financial assets
  • Super-fast single-click transactions
  • Comfortable and simple trading from anywhere and on any device
  • An enormous assortment of analytical instruments
  • Simple, responsive and intuitive User Interface (UI)
  • A secure and helpful platform to master
  • Adjustable and very customizable platform
  • Automatic trading is fully supported
  • Many other advanced tools and instruments

Types of Accounts offered by City FX Broker

City FX Broker offers its customers a straightforward path to account selection, which we believe is a great perk. New customers are puzzled by the availability of different account samples, each with their terms & conditions.

City FX Broker simplified the entire process by offering three account types viz:

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Premium

All account class is dedicated to various budgets sizes, although they all share the same components and services.

To help you understand it better here is a break down:


Minimum investment: 250
Leverage: 1:100
Account Currency: EUR/USD
Maximum orders: 20
Islamic account: Yes


Minimum investment: 5000
Leverage: 1:200
Account Currency: EUR/USD
Maximum orders: 50
Islamic account: Yes


Minimum investment: 25000
Leverage: Specified with the account manager
Account Currency: EUR/USD/GBP
Maximum orders: 100
Islamic account: Yes


  • An uncomplicated choice of accounts
  • Asset classes are not limited
  • Satisfying trading conditions across the board
  • Free support from personal account managers

About bonuses or promotions

No active bonuses or promotions currently held. However, it is something that happens seasonally, and you will be informed via promotional emails sent to the clients.

Funds deposit and withdrawal process

Following a fast and simple registration process, you log into your account to make your first deposit. The same procedure you use for your deposit will automatically be applied for funds withdrawals. City FX Broker allows customers to utilize e-wallets, bank wires, credit card transfers, and even cryptocurrencies for funds deposit. With credit/debit cards, the processing time for transactions is almost instantaneous, while wire transfers take about 2-3 business days.

Quick facts:

  • Registration is simple and fast
  • The request process time is quick
  • Many convenient methods for withdrawals and deposits

In Summary

The MT5 platform offered by City FX Broker provides a trading experience that is unrivaled in the industry. The account option simplifies the entire process for new customers and allows them to get started immediately.

The trading conditions satisfy all users on all account types, and with the help of their account manager. Additionally, the comprehensive list of free educational materials, from e-books to video tutorials, will unquestionably help anyone get better at the art of the trading. Besides, you can automate the process with the platforms support for automated trading if you lack the time and skill. City FX, Broker has all the attributes of a reliable trading platform. Therefore, you won’t be disappointed working with them.


Comprehensive educational materials and FAQ section
Support for automatic trading
A responsive and highly-customizable User Interface (UI)
Reliable and uncomplicated account variety
Excellent support and personal account managers
Market-leading MT5 trading platform
A vast range of trading instruments and analytical tools.

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5 5
25/09/2020, 14:07:54
I can’t believe this happened to me because i just decide to give it try, I was reading about cryptocurrency because i am really interested in investing in cryptocurrency because from the books i’ve read…The digital currency is the future, I saw the bitcoins price and it is way too steep for me financially so i had to read some books about trading because that’s the only way to acquire bitcoins since it’s high. I tried to trade on my own but didn’t go through then i began to look for a trader online. You will thank me later for this great info is the best
5 5
20/09/2020, 21:55:53
I was contacted by Mr Stevens from We got quite frank conversation yesterday in the morning to do a trade worth £*0000. It was worth it.
5 5
17/08/2020, 14:10:10
I would like to tell City fx Broker is completely secure and helpful for me
5 5
26/07/2019, 13:59:45
Compared with my profile broker these guys are better. I like the fact that I can customize the system to fit my preference. My performance improved a great deal because of that. I was lucky to get a diligent account manager, and it’s a pleasure working with him.
5 5
26/07/2019, 12:26:21
It has been approximately 5 months since I registered with City FX Broker and it has been successful for me. Switching my account to Advanced changed everything for me. I think my account will be approaching the five digits in about three months. I recommend their services to the one who wants passive income. I don’t recommend a broker except I see it’s doing everything they advertised, so I was impressed to find out that CityFXBroker delivers on their promises.
5 5
26/07/2019, 10:19:49
I had an account manager that was there to help me get started but after I deposited my first fund it became difficult for me to reach him. I've made 3 withdrawals to confirm the speed and it all went very fast. If you wnat to use city fx broker use the web version. I experienced some problems using another brokers...
5 5
14/07/2019, 22:37:47
My very first deposit went down the tubes because I was ignorant of their trading robot. My account manager suggested I try the robot and that was a game changer for me. I recommend broker's robot if you want to start making some money as a trader.
5 5
08/07/2019, 14:51:30
Following a 3 months of averge profit, trading with another platform I decide to switch to City FX Broker based on an advice from a Friend. I risked my 12 months savings and created an advanced account started trading with their automated robot trader. To my greatest surprise I made a 160% profit on my investment in 3 months. I thought it was a fluke so I reinvested everything and in the next month I made almost 80% profit on everything. I immediately requested to withdraw my initial investment to ensure this is real and I was real. Thanks City FX Broker.
5 5
03/07/2019, 18:31:03
Hey City FX Broker, I heard about your company from a reddit and I'm super interested in trying your trading platform, but I have very little trading skill. But I have some questions I'd like you to help me understand 1. Will your brokers trade on my behalf with my funds or your automatic robots does the trading? 2. I want to start with 2000£ is that enough?
5 5
01/07/2019, 14:56:53
I'm not a good manual trader, can I rely on your for everything?
5 5
01/07/2019, 13:34:35
My first 2 months with city fx is OK. Although I had some minor issues reaching my account manager and I was pissed. I invested $20000 with them so I think I deserve to speak with a fucking human when I need somethings clarified. Apart from that I like their trading robots. That piece of software made 150% profit for me. I recommend the robot if you are new to trading like me. Their account managers are crappy but the trading robot is the best I've used so far.
5 5
26/06/2019, 10:15:37
I can't compare to other companys because they are first attempt at trading but I'm satisfied with their services. I like the personal account manager they assigned to me because that really helped me ease into trading. My account manager helped me settle some delay issues I had when I wanted to deposit funds into my account. I've withdrawn my first profit and it was smooth. You cn use their system if you are new to trading.
5 5
20/06/2019, 22:50:10
Well I can give them a B rating about their services but an A for their trading robot. All my transaction were execusted very fast. However, my personal account manager wasn't as good as the robot. It was difficult for me to get her on the phone sometimes when I need to ask urgent questions. I didn't need help all the time because the system was reliable but their account managers aren't.
5 5
18/06/2019, 22:03:13
My girlfriend complained about my spending long hours in front of the screen making little $$$ trading and so I decided to look for a better way to trade so I can increase my profit. I asked a question on Quora and some one recommended Citi fx guys. At first I was skeptical about the promises they made me so I started with a small account but I was blown away byt the returns I got after one month. In the second month I want all in using their automated trading robot. Now I spend less time in front of the computer and make 5X profit unlike bofore. Just purchase ring for my girl. I'm more confident in the future now than I was 5 months ago. City fx changed everything.
5 5
18/06/2019, 14:21:56
My 3rd broker in 1 year and it feels like all of them are the same. I admit I might be a little bit impatient but I think it is OK because I'm investing my hard earned money so I expect these platforms to double my money very easily. At least that is what they advertise on their sites. My account manager is totally useless, as I don't get any value from her. City fx is ait, nothing exceptional. I’ll wait till my funds finishes and I will try another platform. That might change if I might even a 50% profit from my investment. I haven't found any broker that consistently making profit for me. At least not this one.
5 5
15/06/2019, 19:07:02
I'm happy I found City FX Broker because they helped me establish a second source of income which is what I have always wanted for years. In 3 months of trading I made 85% earnings off of my initial deposit. I immediately withdraw the money to ensure this is actual profit not some numbers on the screen and it went well. At the moment everything works well and I'm making good profits from my investments. Thanks guys.
5 5
07/06/2019, 11:46:31
Overall, the system does what they advertised. I started trading with a few months ago, it has been a steady improvement in my profits, I haven't started seeing the 100% profit that most people talk about but I'm optimistic it might happen. I lost my first invest but thats because I'm a newbie to trading and i didn't spend time learning the system. Now I'm doing better with the help of my account manager. If you are new to the platform be sure to talk to an account manager. Although the system might seem very convenient for you to figure on yuour own but you still need their guidiance. I will comment here once I make a huge profit.
5 5
06/06/2019, 11:26:58
City FX Broker is a reliable broker in my experience. I didn't have any trading skill before signing up with them. Now I'm making good returns on my investment by using their trading robot. The only cons of their platform is the absence of a demo account, maybe thats beacuse you don't need it.

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